What Does Yemen Look Like?

Well, Sana’a at least. I’ve got a collection of over 90 pictures that might give you an idea. See TJ’s Yemen Web Album: http://picasaweb.google.com/talibiddeenjr/Yemen.

In addition, I have a short video of the streets of Sana’a that we shot. (May make you a little dizzy,we shot it from a taxi.) 1 min. 34 seconds

Street of Sana’a

And here are a few miscellaneous pictures that I don’t think I uploaded to the web album.

This building is called the “Laa ilaha illa Allah” building.

I’ve noticed a lot of taxi drivers mention it as a landmark……..

Sometimes when the taxi drivers hear you speaking English, they will take it upon themselves to give you a mini tour in addition to testing their English skills with “How are you?” and instead of shimaal and yameen, using left and right. Sometimes we’ll learn new vocabulary and sometimes we teach them new vocabulary……Taxi rides can be interesting (if you get a well mannered, patient driver, pleasant driver) and sometimes they can be death defying……you may get a taxi driver that is impatient and weaves in and out of traffic, passes a string of cars even though there is a car coming head on towards you, yells at another driver even though it was really him who was in the wrong, ones who tell you one price and then attempts to charge a higher price even though he knew where he was going..oops, back to the Sana’a tour, got a little carried away……..

A closer look at the President’s Masjid being built………..

Sign located near the masjid that tells about the masjid…..

For the first few years here, I was shopping exclusively at the small corner type stores, then I discovered…City Mart….a modern, Western type grocery store..Almost like Walmart, except they don’t have clothes or major appliances, but they have toys, electronics, household goods and of course, food. There is also Shumaylah Hari, which has all this stuff plus clothes and Huda Market, same thing, but no clothes…….I believe City Mart is owned by the President of Yemen, as I have heard……

Mountains…..I could take pictures all day of the mountains. I think they almost surround the whole area….There are some absolutely breathtaking views of the mountains you can see as you drive around the city…..Trivia: Tur and Jabal are both terms for “mountain.” What is the difference? See my Suratul Tur lesson posted in another entry on the blog for the answer, lol……or just read the tafsir for this surah………


We were out and about snapping away pictures around town……..

Since I’m on dialup it’s a slow process to upload them, so right now there might be one, then later anotFun Cityher, then……….

This is Fun City, an amusement park. I have never been there. By US standards, it looks more like a kiddy park, but hey, think the kids would still love it. It has several amusement park rides. One day we passed by it and it was such a funny sight to see….There were about six sisters in black hijabs on one of the rides, the kind that you sit on and it goes up and down…Right next to Fun City, there is a very large, beautiful park. And behind it KFC and Pizza Hut and a Baskin Robbins.

Fun City

A mural or two we passed by…….

“The President’s Masjid, ” a multi million dollar masjid, still under construction.


Be sure to visit the TJ Web Album for over 90 more pictures of Sana’a……



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