“Yemen ‘stops issuing visas at airports'”

“Yemen is to stop issuing visas to foreigners arriving at international airports, state media has reported.

The move was to “halt terrorist infiltration,” Saba state media said.

The change will affect Western visitors, including those from the US, Canada and Europe, who had generally been able to get visas at airports.”

Full story here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/8471768.stm


New Raha buses

I finally saw my first Raha bus, the buses that I spoke of in this post: https://tjyemen.wordpress.com/2009/04/25/new-bus-service/

Its actually quite a sight, being that except for a few school type buses here and there and maybe some tour buses, the closest you usually  get to a bus is the dubaab (sp?) mini vans………………………………….

I believe they are for province to province travel if I remember correctly.

In the background is the President’s Mosque, which opened last year right before Ramadan, I’m told.


Renting a Car in Yemen

Update to previous post……………………….


I don’t have experience renting cars here, but I came across the following car rental places:

Europcar Yemen. http://www.europcar.com.ye/

The site lists the types of cars available and a thorough breakdown of their rates: http://www.europcar.com.ye/


1. Diary: 60th Diary South tel: 448950

2. Airport office: 346666

3. Sam City Hotel Al Qiyadah Street 270751


Budget Rent A Car


Sheraton Branch: 309618

Haddah Branch 411727

24 hour hotline: 733 652 317



Sharia Sitteen (60th Street), Phone: 440309

Movenpick (hotel) 546 061

Aden  967 2 245 625 


Email: hertz-yemen@universalyemen.com


New bus service

Raha taxi is establishing a new bus service between provinces and cities cited a  recent story in a local newspaper here.


“New travel means and a new set of standards for this service will be implemented in which a number of buses will be equipped with safety and comfort amenities including ventilation, comfortable seats, more leg room, anti-slip sensors for safety, and night lighting. All trips in this new service will include varied media programs containing religious, scientific, and tourist programs, as well as children’s programs. ” Yemen Observer, 4/09

By Car; Women Drivers

I don’t really know how much foreigners go by car, I think they generally take a taxi or dubaab.

Rules of the Road

is as it is in the US (driving on the right side), but that’s about one of the few similarities. You will see speed limits posted occasionally on the freeways.  Many drivers have no qualms about driving down a street the wrong way.

You’ll see traffic cops about at intersections, many times there will be a little post in the center of bigger roads where they are stationed at.

Guide to  License Plate Colors:

Bright Yellow – taxis

Blue – Private owners

Red – Military

Green – Government

Purchasing Cars

 I don’t know anything about purchasing cars, but there are many new car dealers.

Renting Cars

You can rent cars here, I don’t have any information as of this writing on costs/requirements.

Can Women Drive?

Yup. (Well, I am assuming so since I see them).  I see more and more women drivers (personal cars) whenever I go out, but the majority of drivers are still men. You won’t find a woman taxi driver………………………….


I’m not really sure how to spell this in Arabic so my transliteration could be off.

Dubaabs are mini vans which I guess would be the equivalent (or closest thing to) a bus service.

The route is marked on the back of the van in green and white. (and the front too I think)


You can board a dubaab anywhere, there are no designated stops (to my knowledge). Just flag one down.


The vans drive around with their right siding doors open.


The fare is typically about 20-40 riyals (~ 10 – 20 cents).



Be ware of pick pockets on these as I have heard a few stories of people getting their money stolen.


Marhaba Taxi

Another metered taxi company is Marhaba:


Phone numbers can be found on this page: http://marhaba-taxi.com/default.aspx?com=6