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January 30, 2008

Welcome to TJ Yemen! TJ Yemen is run by the owner of Talibiddeen Jr. (Islamic and Home Education Resources)

I’m a Muslimah currently residing in Sana’a, Yemen. I know how scary and exciting it can be to relocate to a foreign country and wanted to share my experiences with others who were considering coming to Yemen or those who are just interested in learning about what life is like in Yemen. Of course all accounts are written from the perspective of a foreigner and not a native to Yemen.

This site/blog was originally part of my homeschooling blog, but I decided to give it its own space as I know not everyone thinking about coming to Yemen is interested in wading through my homeschooling “stuff.”

The information/accounts you’ll find are moreso related to Sana’a, as that’s where I am, but you’ll find a little bit about Damaaj and maybe some of the information is pertinent to living in Yemen in general.

I hope you find it beneficial.



1. If you have questions about daily living in Yemen, I would be happy to try to answer them, so feel free to send a comment and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. 

2. I have limited knowledge in the areas of visas/residence permits and buying land/houses in Yemen. If you have questions related to these matters, it might be more useful to join a group such as the Hijrah to Yemen group (see right side bar) as there may be someone in Yemen in the group who is more knowledgeable on those subject than me.

3.  I regret that I am not in the position to assist in helping out in relocation efforts (finding housing, etc) so I encourage those needing assistance  to consider joining the Hijrah to Yemen group and bi-ithnillah, they can find someone who would be in the position to help.





Yemen Currency: Yemeni riyal (YER) Currency Converter

Current Time in Yemen: Yemen’s time zone: GMT (+3.00) Time Converter

Yemen Phone Code: 967

When making international calls from the USA, Canada and the Caribbean to Yemen dial the following sequence.

011 + (967) + (city code) + (local phone number)

When making international calls from Yemen to other countries use the following dialing sequence.

00 + (country code) + (city code) + (local phone number)

When making an international call to the USA, Canada and the Caribbean from Yemen use the following dialing codes.

00 + 1 + (area code) + (local phone number).


Selected Yemen City Codes:

Aden: 2

Sana’a: 1

Taiz: 4





    12 Responses

    1. Looking forward to your blog inshaAllah!

    2. As salaamu alaikum
      I have enjoyed all of the tips on your blog. I wanted to know if you have met anyone in Aden that would be able to give me some tips on what the situation is there? Again, thanks for sharing your information.

      Umm Ebraaheem

    3. wa alaykum us salaam,

      No, unfortunately, I don’t know anyone in Aden. Insha Allah, if I come across anyone, I will try to put them in touch with you.

    4. Salaam Sister,

      I’ve been thinking of doing Hijra for quite some time now and was particularily interested in moving to Yemen, to a muslim country. Thats when i cam across ur blog and let me say how wonderful it is and what a fantastic job you’ve done of it. It has all the information i can think of.
      I’m in my second year of my degree and am doind a TEFL course as i wanted to teach English as a foreign language soon after i finish uni. The only main concern i had was that i have been told that it will be hard for me to find a job because i have a beard. How does Yemen schools stand on this? Would i be able to get a job teaching English if i have the qualifications?
      Another question i had was of housing. Would you know the cost of buying a house in San’aa?

      I look forward to hearing from you sister.

      Asalaam u alaikum.

      • wa alaykum us salaam,

        Sorry to take so long to get to your comment.

        Degree and TEFL, good. It betters your chances of getting a good paying job here.
        The beard? Hard to say. Many people here shave and if you wear the white thowbs and beards, you might get called a “mutawwah” which means something like pious, super religious (but in a derogatory sense, obviously). But that is not how everyone would treat you; there are ignorant, rude people here just as there are anywhere.

        My husband had a beard, wore the white thowb and got a job at one of the schools here. So its do-able, Allahu ilm. I think they would prefer the more westernized look, but with that degree and TEFL, well that should help immensely, insha Allah. (from what I have seen)

        Buying a house? I am sorry, I have no clue.

        May Allah allow you to finish your studies and make hijrah here and secure gainful employment here if that is what is good for you. Ameen.

    5. As Salaamu Alaikum sister,

      My husband and I came across your blog while searching for apartments in Yemen. Masha’Allah it is very comprehensive and you are doing a good service to people may Allah reward you, Amin.
      We are a young couple who have made a minor Hijra to my place of birth in Africa after having lived in the west (first London then New York) and have been applying to jobs in Sana’a. We are recently married and havent started a family yet so would both like to work Situation permitting (without compromising our Deen). You mentioned that it is a good idea to have a contact; this is a very good idea. We do not know anyone living in Yemen at all… would it be possible to correspond with you directly? If so that would be great. Failing that; if you know of a website or contact for apartments in Sana’a can you please share them with us Insha’Allah.

      Looking forward to hearing from you sister, ma salaam

    6. May Allah reward you for your efforts sister.
      You have been a blessing to many looking for great information.
      Your blog is my favorite.


      • JazakAllahu kheyr. Masha Allah, I am happy you find it helpful. Thanks for letting me know.
        Insha Allah you can make the move soon. May Allah make it easy for you and your family.

    7. Mashallah its a beautiful thing to see yemenies accomplish great things. I am dying to go to yemen and work anything i have a BA in eearly child hood education you think you can refer me to anyone or just get me a job anywhere in sanaa dont matter the pay i just want a good, stable, clean, enviornment that challeneges me. I am try to hold on till like December than i think ima just come to yemen lol i miss it so much.

      • No, sorry, I don’t have any connections here as far jobs. I have been posting ads for jobs here and you can check my private schools sections for schools that you can maybe contact.

    8. Alsallam Alyakum,
      I was looking for houses in Yemen just out of interest to learn more about my future husbands culture and came by your site and what a helpful site it has proved to be. I have learnt a lot and found all your categories extremely interesting. So thank you for making such a great site, it really has been a great help especially the arabic translations.
      I would be very grateful to communicate with you ,and to learn from you .
      Thank you

      • wa alaykum us salaam. I am happy that you found the blog helpful. I am not sure if you are aware that I am no longer there, we left in July of 2009 and I know things have changed a great deal, but if you just wanted to know how things were in general when we were there, how life typically is as a foreigner, I’d be happy to correspond with you.

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