Foods in Arabic

Below is a list of foods that I have compiled with the Arabic text and translation.

Spices are also referred to as baharat


Arabic Vocabulary

If you want to learn some vocabulary before you travel overseas, this site has many lists of Arabic vocabulary as well as verg conjugations for useful verbs:

Phrases for Getting Around

Here are a few key phrases that are useful for getting around in taxis.

Tawalli or alatoule (straight)

Yameen (right)

Shimaal (left)

Irja (as in turn around and go back the other way, u turn)

Ta’aruf ________? (do you know ______?) as in a particular street or building

Shweyyah (a little bit, a little, a little further)

Ba’dayn (further down)

Ath-thani (the next, as in the next street for example)

Qarib min (close to)

Janby (next to, or near)