Medical Care: Hospitals in Sana’a

Probably a question that many thinking about coming here or having just arrived here have is how is the medical care here. So I thought I would share some of my experiences and some information about the medical facilities here in case it might be helpful. Remember, these are just my experiences, observations, and views, someone else may have different experiences.

The first thing I think that you have to realize (and its not a far stretch, I’m sure) is that you will probably not find the level of care here that you are accustomed to in the states/West. There are a range of medical facilities here from the public hospital to the more affluent private hospitals. I have only been to/dealt with three hospitals (public and private) and at none of them can I say the service and sanitation was on the level of the US, though some might come kind of close.


So before you get sick and have to seek medical care, I highly advise doing some research and finding out which hospitals (singular, mus-tash-fa) provide the best care. You might ask neighbors, people at the masjid, etc.


There are a myriad of hospitals around Sana’a from small privately clinic (which are also called hospitals sometimes) to the bigger ones. Here are just a few of the larger ones:

· Modern German Hospital (Taiz Street)(pretty clean) Phone: 600 000; pediatric visit costs about $3 USD.

· Yemen German Hospital (Haddah Street)(I have heard its pretty clean and professional)

· Saudi German Hospital (Out of all three German hospitals listed, I have heard this one was the best)

· Mustashfa Umm (not the cleanest, but specifically for women)

· Mustashfa Jamhuriyah (Shariah Zubayri)

· Mustashfa Thawr (was referred here, but never ended up going)

· Mustashfa Iraani (Shariah Sitteen) (have never heard any comments about this one)

· Mustashfa Sabi’een (wouldn’t recommend going here. Not very sanitary).

University of Science and Technology Hospital




Here are a few observations of some hospitals that I have heard of:




Mustashfa Sabi’een:


This is a public hospital and I personally would not recommend it. My step son went here for meningitis and although he recovered, it was a nightmare here. The children’s emergency room was swamped. My stepson had to share a bed with three other children, and all of the other beds had four children in them as well. When injections were given or blood taken, the needles were just thrown/left on the bed. I was so appalled at many of the doctors’ lack of sanitary/hygienic practices. I thought I know better than that and I am not a doctor. My co wife saw a child die in the bed across from her son’s. We were told by a Yemeni this year that that was one of the worst hospitals in the area, so don’t expect that all hospitals are this bad.


Mustashfa Umm. (Mother’s Hospital)

This is a specialized woman’s hospital. I have heard that several sisters have gone here for childbirth. One sister had a C section and was a little displeased with the service. I had thought about going here to give birth to my last child, but this is the hospital we had first gone to for my stepson’s meningitis and they diagnosed it correctly, but said that they were not equipped to handle it and referred us to Mustashfa Sabieen. The bathrooms were highly unsanitary and I (knowing myself) would have been absolutely miserable here, so I opted for home birth (which was my first and masha Allah was very wonderful, incidentally, the prices for childbirth here are so much more reasonable than in the states, ranging from $50-100 and in some cases of home birth, a Yemeni sister said hers was only like $25). One thing that I did not like was the fact that when we got there, and they were taking blood (dam) samples from my stepson, the doctor (tabeeb/”doctor”) handed me a vial to collect the blood in. I had to sit there and hold it while she was drawing the blood. She opened up the needles and just threw the wrappings on the floor. I picked them up and threw them away. There was also blood on the floor from a previous patient. Not saying that you shouldn’t look into this hospital, as it is a specialized women’s hospital and I have never personally been treated here for women’s issues. They might be better with those services, Allahu ilm.


Modern German Hospital (Taiz Street)

The only three hospitals that I have been to are the two above and this one. By far, this one was the closest to a US hospital that I have been to. It was really clean and more organized than the first two. However, little things here and there remind you that it is not the states. We went for a pediatric visit one time and the doctor told the candy stripper to change the sheet on the examining table (they used cloth sheets, not the paper sheets) and that it needed to be changed after every patient. The candy stripper said that this was too hard to do (change after every patient).

This hospital has a web address and you are supposed to be able to make appointments online. I tried to make one one time, but no one ever got back to me.


Saudi German Hospital

I have never been here, but I have heard that it provides good care.


Saudi German Hospital
60 – Siteen Road Link Air Port Road
P.O. Box # 8794 Hasaba
Sana’a – Republic of Yemen
Tel: 967-1- 329882 – 4
Some general information can be found at –


Ath Thawr Hospital

I think we were initially referred here for the meningitis, but for some reason, we did not go.


Jamhoori Teaching Hospital (Zubairy Street)

Have not heard anything about this one.


Mustashfa Al Khazan (Taiz Street)

This is a smaller hospital named after the doctor who runs it I guess. There are many small hospitals that go by the name of the doctor who owns them. The lady who delivered my child at home worked here and that was a good experience, however one sister told me that her husband went here for throat surgery and the anesthetic did not take and he felt them working on him, so be careful with the smaller clinics/hospitals.


Tadhamon Islamic Hospital

I have only seen signs/the building, haven’t heard about it.






University of Science and Technology Hospital









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  2. I traveled to Yemen to visit my in-laws from Kansas City. In the end, I got food poisioning and went to the hospital. We choose University of Science and Technology Hospital. There, they found that I had a HUGE gall stone and they recommended that I have my gall bladder taken out in YEMEN!!! Because we didn’t have insurance in America, we decided to go for it. The level of care was not quite to the standards in America, but I was pretty happy with the cleaniness, professionalism and care of the hospital and staff. If I ever have to have an “elective” surgery again, I would try to go back to that hospital. By the way, it cost just under $1,000 for the tests, surgery, and two nights in “suite” accomodations.

  3. Shukran for this comment. I had seen a sign or something for this hospital and was wondering about it. Alhamdulillah, things worked out so well for you!

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