Grocery Finds….3/5/09

City Mart has a sale on the 1L size of Al Safi milk. Its 190 riyals now, usually 280 riyals……….


On the way into City Mart, masha Allah, at the entrance they have a sign for the duaa when entering the marketplace………………………thought that was cool, masha Allah.


Deals on Milk at Shumaylah Hari

If you buy liter milk in the rectangular prism (I only know that term because I homeschool   🙂   tetra paks, Shumaylah Hari has had deals on it for quite sometime. I think because it expires like within a month it is reduced. I have been buying the reduced price milk for about the last two months and didn’t notice a change in quality.

Some time ago, it had Al Marai milk for only 90 riyals!  It is usually around 250-280 riyals per liter. That ship has sailed, but they have had other milk for about 150 riyals as well.

Storewide you will find deals so be sure to check them out if  you have the time.

Grocery Finds # 1

For those in Sana’a, here are a few new things that I have noticed at Shumaila Hari (off of Haddah Street):

Kraft grated Parmesan Cheese and Kraft Parmesan and Romano grated cheese. (in the green cylinder canister) A little on the expensive side: 1800 riyals. Located in the dairy/juice refrigerated section.

Hershey’s Chocolate Chips Semi Sweet or Milk Chocolate: 1000 riyals. Located in the dairy/juice refrigerated section.

Arm and Hammer Baking Soda: two sizes, the small size (8 oz) was 310 riyals. Located on the tea/coffee aisle but on the end section near the produce.

Rold Gold Pretzels: 1000 riyals (located in the snack aisle). They also have tortilla chips.

These items may be available elsewhere but these are the first time I have personally seen them here.

Living in Sana’a and found some new items in the stores? Let me know and I’ll post them insha Allah.

Still looking for cornmeal. I know its here (a friend once gave me some), but can’t find it. On the Hijrah to Yemen group, a few sisters suggested getting popcorn ground up into cornmeal. One sister said, you have to get creative.

Another sister was looking for grits. I purchased something that resembled grits here a few years back but didn’t really like them. Semolina is sold here and some use that for a breakfast grain/cereal.