Homeschooling in Yemen and need books?

Alhamdulillah, when we left the states 7 years ago, we brought some school books.  I highly advise bringing some if you will be homeschooling and don’t t hink that you will be able to order any online.

I have found some books here from time to time, but most of the English books are for second language learners and a lot of them are dull.

But, at recent visits to Al Jeel Al Jadeed, the big office supply/school supply store, I came across quite a find. 

No, no American books, but we found a wide selection of books from a publisher in India ( The location near Jamiah Qadeem (old Sana’a University) has a new section on the first floor (what we yanks call the first floor, but would be the ground floor others).

Anyway, my son had to almost literally pull me away because they had so many books. They have science, math, language arts, preschool books, board books.  If you are used to American books, ok, they are not quite the same, but I was happy just the same to find them. 

I definitely recommend stopping by to take a look if you are really  hurting for finding English materials.  You can also find some  neat books at the other location (near Jamiah Jadeed). I found some  neat puzzle books for my preschooler where the pages are puzzle pieces. The English selection at this location is not as big as the other one, but still some of the same stuff.


Also, there are two great English book shops in the Tahreer Area. I am not sure of the name of the street (it starts with a jeem I think) and its like one or two blocks from the big post office (going away from the Maydaan). I think one is called Yemen bookshop and another with Hadith I think in its name. The former you can find some great dictionaries and thesauruses (or is it thesauri?) and actually lots of academic books (science, math), but again for second language learners, but hey, better than nothing.

At the second shop, I found a great US dictionary and some great Arabic conjugation and grammar charts books from librarie du liban (sp?).

Most of the English reading books (novels, etc) will be short versions of classics   or in some cases, the actual versions.