More President’s Masjid pictures

We usually come upon the masjid on the sabieen side and got a chance to view the south side……




Yemeni “Graffiti”

Some artwork that we saw on the outside walls (gates surrounding the house)) of some private homes during a recent walk………




President’s Masjid in Yemen

Most of my photos of the President’s Masjid have been distance pics, if I remember correctly. So I thought I would add this beautiful photo that my 11 year old took from the taxi as we rode past.


Oh, the things you might see………


 Just a pic my middle man took while out on a grocery errand……… I believe these are zebus (, they have a  slumped hump on their shoulders.

That’s one of the things I love about living here, the kids get to see so many neat and unusual (for us) things.  We’ve seen camels on their way to becoming the main course for a wedding………….