Cooking with Gas

Although they may sell electric stoves here (really not sure, haven’t personally seen any) most people use gas stoves with gas tanks.

How long do tanks last?

Our tanks last usually a month or month and a half. It will of course depend on how much you cook. My son reported that a single brother said he got six months out of a tank. So,e people close the tank valve when its not in use.

How much do tanks cost to refill?

They used to be around $1.50 per tank when we got here, but its something like 500-1000 riyals ($2.50 – $5.00).

How does it work?

You buy a tank initially, a new one might run from 2000-3000 riyals and then use the tanks and exchange them for filled ones. It is best to buy at least two tanks. That way when one runs out, you still have another. Sometimes it can be really hard to get a gas tank, especially when it get colder or around Ramadan/Eidso be prepared. Sometimes we’ve gone a few days without cooking gas.

Where do you get tanks from?

We usually get ours from the tank men that walk around town with the tanks in a wheelbarrow, they bang on the tanks to let you know they are on your street. If you see the Sounds of Sana’a video mentioned in a previous Yemen post, you will see two tank men in there. You can also get the tanks from little stores around the neighborhood or a neighborhood government tank “office.” (just a small warehouse full of tanks).


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