Medical Care: Contacts, Sana’a

Just stumbled upon this info from the US Embassy. Not sure how current the info is.


Listing of medical related contacts in Sana’a

Internal Medicine Specialists

• Dr. Abbas al-Mutwakel
Address:Taiz Road
Cellular: 717-47-963

• Dr. Abdul Nasser Munibari (Cardiologist)
Address: Zubeiry St., Near Yemenia Office
Telephone: 01-266-165


• Dr. al-Iryani
Telephone: 01-442-478, 465-304
Cellular: 73631259


• Dr. Salem Banageh
Address: Zubeiry Street, Beside Saba-phone Company.
Telephone: 01-208-885/6, 208- 886

• Dr. Mohamed al-Shehari
Address: Azal Hospital
Telephone: 01-200-000 or 211-220/21

• Dr. Abdulrahman Ishak
Address: Hadda Road, Near British Embassy
Telephone:01- 440-127 or 440-130

General Surgeons

• Dr. Ali al-Jamra
Address: Yemeni-German Hospital (Hadda Rd branching off 60- Meter Rd)
Telephone: 01-418-000
Cell Phone: 71717109

ENT( Ear, Nose and Throat)

• Dr. Mohamed al-Khateeb
Address: Near Bilquis Cinema in Tarhir
Telephone: 01-272-581


• Dr. Maged Amer
Address: Azal Hospital
Telephone: 01-200-000


• Dr. Ali Abdul Latif
Address: Azal Hospital
Telephone: 01-200-000

• Dr. Mohamed Mekhlafi
Address: Yemen-German Hospital
Telephone: 01-418-000, Ext 625
Cellular: 71900109


• Dr. Abdul Majeed Masood
Address: Intersection of Hadda Rd. & 60-Meter Road
Telephone: 01-414-741

• Dr. Ibrahim al-Gurafi
Address: Near Happy Land Toy Store
Telephone: 01-247-842/5


• Dr. Mahmoud Ismail
Address: Marib Insurance Bldg, Zubeiri St
Telelephone: 01- 402-309/ 310

• Dr. Mohamed Radman
Address: Zubeiri St., Above Islamic Bank
Telephone: 01-402-309, 202-855

Radiologists (X-ray)

• Dr. Abdulkarim Zabedi Clinic
Address: Taiz Rd., Above Al-Ghazali Pharmacy
Beeper 580-0807

Clinical Laboratories

• Dr. Mohamed Basahi (Lab)
Address: Hadda Rd., Near Emirate Airlines
Telephone: 01-263-605.

• Metropolitan Lab
Address: Near Al-Ghazali Pharmacy
Telephone: 01-615-753
Cell: 73776275


• Yemeni-German Hospital
Address: Hadda Rd., Near 60-Meter Rd
Telephone: 01-418-000 or 418-690/1

• Azal Specialized Hospital
Address: 60-Meter Rd., Close to Mathbah Vegetable Market
Telephone: 01-200-000/ 213-870

• Al-Moyad Hospital
Address: Airport Rd., Near Elevated Walkway
Telephone: 01-323-760

• Al-Thawra Hospital
Address: Al-Khoulan St., Near Bab Al Yemen
Telephone: 01-246-966/ 246-983

• Military Hospital
Address: Bab Shaoub Area
Telephone: 01-222-513/4


• Sharouk Pharmacy
Address: Hadda St., Near Moka Bakery
Telephone: 01-242-359

• Azal Pharmacy
Address: In Azal Hospital
Telephone: 01-275-559

• Al-Ghazali Pharmacy
Address: Taiz Rd., Across From Orphan School

• Al-Mamoon Pharmacy
Address: Taiz St., Near Bab al-Yemen
Telephone: 01-244-974


• Yemeni-German Hospital

• Azal Specialized Hospital

Source: Embassy of the United States in Yemen


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