School/Office Supply stores

There are maktabahs EVERYWHERE. A few of the bigger ones:

Al Jaleel Al Jadeed (2 locations on the Diary). The one near the old university is two floors, not sure about the other one, but they both sell a lot of school and office supplies. You can probably find most of what you are looking for here. They also sell books.

Maktabah Rehab. Not super large, but have a nice selection of products, including computer ink and keyboards. This is on the Diary, north of Imaratul Khowlani. (Khowlani Building)

Computers/Computer Accessories.

There are stores all over Sana’a, but you might want to stop at Shariah Moqadishu first. It is also known as Shariah Computer as there are a lot of computer stores there. Some taxi drivers may not know either of these names so you might also call it Shariah Sakhr. This street intersects the Diary, north of Shariah Rowaishan. You can see the blue street sign for Shariah Moqadishu from the Diary.


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