Cargo/Shipping – YemPac

I’ve never dealt with them, just passing the information on in case you need¬† goods, including household, shipped:

from the site:

  • Totally free estimation of Personal & Households Goods.
  • Packing all types of Goods & Merchandise.
  • Forwarding goods by Air, Sea 7 Land.
  • Representing the most reliable & efficient Airlines, Shipping lines , operating from/to the Rep.Of Yemen.
  • Preparing all necessary documentation needed & related to the different kinds of goods.
  • Domestic & International trucking & transportation.
  • Storage & warehousing for short or long periods.
  • Customs clearance & documentation in all Yemen gateways & same Internationally.
  • Door to door services in Yemen or any other part in the globe.
  • Insurance of all types of goods.
  • ¬†