Sending/Receiving Money

If you need to receive money from another country, two options are:

  • Using ATMs
  • Western Union/Money Gram


There are several ATMs around town. They are not nearly as abundant as in the United States, but here are a few that I have seen:

Bank Al Arabi, Shariah Zubairy

Suq Libby/Markaz Libby/Sana’a Trade Center:There are about 3-4 ATMs on the first floor

Shumaila Hari (grocery store off of Hadda Street):There are two machines here.

Some ATMs let you choose whether you get the money out in USD or riyals.

Exchange/Western Union

To exchange US money for Riyals and vice versa, you can go to a store for (sarf/sarafa- to convert money). They are everywhere. Ask what the exchange rate is before exchanging. Before going, check and see what the rates are.


There are many Western Unions around, you will see several on any main street. I don’t think that all of them are authorized so be careful. I would suggest going to some of the bigger ones. There is a large one on Shariah Quds and Shariah Zubairy.


You will need to show your passport to pick up money. Perhaps if you go to one establishment all the time, they may get to know you and not require it.


Also, the majority of Western Unions are closed for Jumuah; some opening after the Jumuah Prayer, and some not open that day at all.


Also, many locations remain closed during Eid and for several days afterwards.


Money Gram

Although not as abundant as Western Unions, there are Money Gram locations as well.


General note about money:

I would suggest not accepting torn money from stores, cabs, etc as the locals are very particular around here about torn money (even the slightest tear sometimes) and you may find yourself stuck with bills that are seriously hard to get rid of (no one will take them). I have had problems even with taped money sometimes.


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