Buying Hijaab in Yemen

Alhamdulillah, being in a Muslim country, its easy to find appropriate hijaab (though sadly I have been told that it is actually more difficult in some Muslim countries then you might think to find “appropriate hijaab.”

So, let’s just say that its super easy in Yemen, alhamdulillah.

So, I thought I’d give a little basic information about purchasing it here…..

Where to Find Islamic Women’s Clothing

 You can find hijaab in small hijaab shops around town, you can find them at stores like Shumailah Hari or the mega clothing store City .  Sharia Hail (Hail Street) also known as Sharia An Nisa (women) should tell you that you can find loads of hijaab there.

In Shumailah Hari, there are little shops upstairs that I think are not owned by Shumaila Hari, but rather leased out.  I think there are 1 or 2 shops and although you can find some basic black, you will also find hijaab that’s a little more out there (black, but with stripes or PINK, or  cheetah skinned prints…no, really). They have the overgarment, gloves, the hijaab/khimaar, wraparound scarves, niqaab, etc. So don’t let the exotic prints fool you, you can find something decent stuff there, too.

At City Max, again, upstairs there’s a large section of hijaab. Again, the overgarment, not sure about gloves, but there are niqaab, the khimaar that fits over the head, wrap around scarves, etc.

And then the smaller stores as I mentioned that exclusively sell hijaab.  Shouldn’t take you long to find any one of these, insha Allah.


If don’t want to haggle (or have to) I would suggest going somewhere like City Max or Shumailah Hari.  Though I think you could probably haggle at Shumailah Hari since these stores are not owned by Shumailah Hari. 

What are prices like? Well, for basic (not top of the line), here is a sampling of what you might find. Of course, going to the smaller stores, you can haggle. (I actually did today and saved a buck or two, its not really as hard as you might thing to haggle generally).

So, you can may be able to find lower prices, but just to give you an idea:

Niqaab ~ 800 riyals (4 bucks)

Khimaar (pulls over the head)  (1200 riyals ~ 6 bucks)

Overgarment (women’s) ~ 3000 riyals (15 bucks)

Gloves (really cheapy ones)  150-200 riyals (2 bucks)

So you can get a decent whole ensemble (what’s listed above) for under 30 bucks. And again, you can probably get stuff cheaper, and again, this is not top of the line.


On a related note, I came across a few very informative treatises on the hijaab/women:

Advice to the Muslim Woman (PDF) from written by Shaikh Saalih bin Fawzaan Al-Fawzaan  (a really good read!)

The Obligation of Veiling (PDF from Al Ibaanah) written by Shaikh Zayd bin Muhammad Al-Madkhalee

And I’ve got links to articles about the hijaab (virtues, conditions) over at TJ’s Raising Muslim Daughters Site:

Hijaab: Conditions of

What conditions apply to hijaab? What should it be? What shouldn’t it be? Find out here.


Hijaab: Virtues of

Help your daughter understand why she should wear hijaab and teach her to be proud of wearing it.


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Rulings on hijaab and young girls


Want to Know More About Damaaj?

I just stumbled across this blog about Damaaj, you may want to check out if you are looking for more information about Damaaj……….

Darul Hadith Yemen…..All Things Damaaj


From the blog, here’s a post about the housing situation, it discusses the price of buying houses there as well as a few other pieces of information.

The blog hits upon various issues, so do check it out if you are “thirsty” for information on Damaaj, insha Allah.

Stocking Up

When you get to Yemen, one thing I highly recommend from the jump is to  stock up on staples. Its “aadi” here (normal). 

When we were in Damaaj, we were able to stock up on items like rice, beans, tuna, pasta, flour and some spices.

When I mean stocking up, I don’t mean just a few more cans of this and that, I mean stocking up Yemeni style.  People buy bags of rice and other goods  in quantities such as 30 kilos! 

You can find big bags of staples sometimes at your neighborhood store, the little wholesale hole in the walls, and even stores like Shumaylah Hari sell big quantities.

Large plastic garbage cans with lids are great for storing your staples.

If you are in Sana’a, I was told to try Babul Yemen and the Shumayla Area (near Sharia Taiz) for some really, really, really great deals, especially produce. My son  told me that sometimes people rent a whole dubaab (mini van) for like 150 riyals (prices may have gone up) and the dubaab takes them all around babul yemen to go to the different souks to get good deals.

Somethings you may want to stock up on:

  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Oil/Ghee
  • Rice
  • Beans
  • Tuna
  • Pasta
  • Tea

Mahad Madina Review

I stumbled across this review of Mahad Madinah here in Yemen……..

Mahad Medina Review

Homeschooling Supplies: Wall Posters

Ok, well they moved the books at Jeel Al Jadeed (that I mentioned in a previous post) , so if you are looking for them, they could be in the “basement.” I doubt that they are completely gone, Allahu ilm.

But in their place on the first floor (or ground floor) were dozens and dozens of educational wall posters (with images, but of course you can remedy that, insha Allah).

They are a really thin plastic, but at 50 riyals (25 CENTS!!!!) you can’t pass that up if you are homeschooling. They have Arabic alphabet charts, but the bulk of the stuff is in English, alphabet, hundred charts, vocabulary charts, addition, multiplication charts, I mean lots….. You could probably cover a small room wall to wall with them as many as they had, ok maybe not that much, but you get the picture….. 


(we’re talking  the location on the diary close to jamiah qadeem (old Sana’a University). 


So if you are coming to Yemen and worrying about homeschooling, do bring textbooks and such but don’t panic too much, insha Allah, you can find lots of supplies at places like Jeel Al Jadeed and there are other bookstores here.  It will take creativity, but I think between what is here and of course the INTERNET, and of course, by Allah, homeschooling is do-able here.

The Price of……gasoline

Our taxi driver the other day stopped for gas and I took note of the prices…


60 riyals per liter, which comes out to $1.13 per gallon………..


Also, my son reminded me the other day that when we first got here (5 years ago), cooking tanks could be found  (refills) for 200 riyals ($1 ), now, the ones we find are typically 700-800 riyals and once or twice we’ve had to pay 1000.  We’ve been quoted prices as low as 450 but never actually got around to paying that. 

I’m picking my son’s brain (and mine) to remember some more prices back in the day (5 years ago) and will post what we come up with, insha Allah………….


And if you are coming to Yemen, be sure to get 2 or 3 tanks. They experience shortages frequently and it can be so frustrated to look for tanks. We’ve had to go days without one before.  Be prepared by getting 2 or even 3 tanks to start off with and exhange and as soon as one is empty, get it exchanged quickly! 

“Sale” at Saudi German Hospital

It seems like every time we go to Saudi German there is a discount of prices, but a doctor informed me this week that there is a sale I guess for Mother’s Day (they celebrate it in March I think in many Arab countries). I think that he said the prices were good for the whole month though.

MRIs are normally around $150  (30,000)and he said when they “go on sale” (he didn’t use those exact words), it can be as low as 17,000 riyals.

Recently a children’s ped appointment was 800 riyals (4 dollars). Most of the times we have been the appointment was between that and 1500 riyals.

On another note, in case this applies to you, the doctor (pediatrician) said that they were equipped to handle cases such as Cerebral Palsy.