Sana’a Book Fair

The 25th annual Sana’a Book Fair is going on October 15-26.

There are 400 publishing houses participating in the book fair, according to a news brief.

I have never personally been to one yet, so I am not sure if they have English books or not, I thought I had heard a sister say that they did have them, but not sure.

If you are interested in going, its on Shariah Sitteen, at the Sana’a, Exphibition Center (not sure if that’s the correct name). If you are heading west on Shariah Sitteen, its after City Max, on the same side of the street, maybe 1/2 mile away (not too sure, but its not too far afterwards). You’ll see lots of cars and signs.

I am not sure of the hours. If I go, I’ll post here, insha Allah on what I found.

┬áHere is a write up on last year’s book fair: