Grocery Find #4

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is at Shumaila Hari. (You know, the blue box….) A little expensive for our big family, but one box is 560 riyals……..

Speaking of macaroni and cheese, when we first got here, I couldn’t find a suitable cheese, so I used the triangle type cheese.  Then I discovered the cylinder canned cheeses (Kraft, Happy Cow, etc) and began using those for a more homemade macaroni and cheese taste.  They are good but don’t quite give you that Amreeki cheese taste.  Shumaila Hari is getting so many more American products now such as Cracker Barrel Cheese and Kraft Shredded cheese in the bag, masha Allah, however, the prices of these items (to me) is extremely high and only doable for a splurge every now and then, but still, they are here, masha Allah…………………….