I have never been to one but have passed by a military museum and a museum association which seemed like it might have information/maps, etc about museums and places of interest in Sana’a. So for homeschoolers, be resourceful and keep a watch out for places of interest for field trips. They do exist, (smile).


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  1. Salam. When I was in Yemen we went to one museum just off of Tahir Square. It was the Yemeni history one. It was very interestng and would have loved to spend more time reading about all the artifacts and history, but my 2-year-old daughter was bored. I was told that the military museum was nice…maybe someone else will know more about that one? Next time I travel to Yemen, I’d like to know about more stuff to do during the day….Most of the activities we got to partake in were on the weekend or evening. Now that I’ve met people in Yemen, I might have an easier time to sightsee…..Insha Allah.

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