Investment services – YEMPAC

Yempac offers the following services to those wanting to invest in Yemen:

  • Identification of investment opportunities to investors
  • Represent investors with the concerned authorities to procure investment project establishment licences and provision of the necessary land for projects
  • On behalf of the investor we follow up registration decrees of the investment companies
  • Preparation of feasibility studies and consultancies for investment project, and evaluation of their performance


Investment Opportunities – Aden Free Zone



Aden Free Zone

“AFZ provides competitive and high quality services to investors for starting up and operating their projects in Aden . AFZ strives to continuously develop its institutional capacities, improve its processes, procedures, and operations. It coordinates with the General Investment Authority (GIA) to monitor the regional and international investor markets, in order to remain competitive in providing an investor responsive environment. AFZ is dedicated to meeting its enterprise goals while maintaining its commitment to transparency, environmental awareness and good governance”

 This site has a lot of information as to go about investing in the Aden Free Zone. It outlines the steps for registering companies and obtaining a license:

Investment Opportunities in Yemen – GIA

Ok, this is so not my area, but I have received questions here and there about this subject and came across a few resources which may (or may not) help if this is something you are interested in:


General Investment Authority.

Some highlights from an ad in a  local English magazine:

Under Yemen’s Investment Law (No 22) of 2002, foreign investors are provided with a wide range of benefits. The General Investment Authority has been established as a one stop shop for investors responsible for generating and facilitating investments in different sectors such as oil and ga exploration, mining, agriculture, fisheries, infrastructure, industry, tourism, real estate services and more….

26 Al Koda Street, Southern As Safiah (in Sana’a)

Tel: 262 961 or 962 or 963


Some services include:

All requirements from other government agencies can be handled through the GIA including registration, environmental impact assessment approvals, land needed for investments, customer care through all phases of projects, free supply of information/data for projects, the GIA network can be used to market products…..