New Raha buses

I finally saw my first Raha bus, the buses that I spoke of in this post:

Its actually quite a sight, being that except for a few school type buses here and there and maybe some tour buses, the closest you usually  get to a bus is the dubaab (sp?) mini vans………………………………….

I believe they are for province to province travel if I remember correctly.

In the background is the President’s Mosque, which opened last year right before Ramadan, I’m told.



New bus service

Raha taxi is establishing a new bus service between provinces and cities cited a  recent story in a local newspaper here.


“New travel means and a new set of standards for this service will be implemented in which a number of buses will be equipped with safety and comfort amenities including ventilation, comfortable seats, more leg room, anti-slip sensors for safety, and night lighting. All trips in this new service will include varied media programs containing religious, scientific, and tourist programs, as well as children’s programs. ” Yemen Observer, 4/09