PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer in Yemen.

PLEASE NOTE: As of 2009, I am no longer in Yemen and thus cannot answer questions about the current state of affairs or prices, etc.






Cats Need a Home

A sister asked me to post this in hopes that her cats could find a good home in Yemen before she leaves (which is soon, insha Allah) ………..

Please contact her if you can help:

2 cats looking for home
1 black and white 1 yr male
1 black 5 month old female
very friendly and clean
plz contact me at


Sister moving from Yemen, items for sale

Posting this for a sister who is moving from Yemen and wants to sell some items………………

I am selling looking for best offer.. 

  • Sofa
  • bedroom
  • computer, desk
  • bookcase(2)
  • washer
  • oven
  • kitchen stuff
  • treadmill
  • household stuff
  • Portable DVD player and more.

you can email me at m_lampiris@ or call 700569560

Goodbye Yemen!

As of July 28, 2009,we are no longer in Yemen!  Its bittersweet for us as we will miss our home of almost six years, but happy that our whole family is finally back together after 4 years, masha Allah.

So obviously I won’t be providing “real time” updates as one visitor put it.  🙂

Insha Allah, I’ll be around on the blog for the next few months as I didn’t get the chance to finish reorganizing it. So if you still have general questions, I may be able to answer them. If you’ve written or commented recently, insha Allah, I will try to respond soon.

I hope that it (the blog) has been beneficial and will continue to be beneficial for some time.

1/9/10: Comments have now been closed.

Job Listing – Full Time Teachers of English

YALI (language institute) has vacancies for full time English teachers:

Masters or Bachelors degree in an English field (ESOL, English education, Linguistics, English literature)

Native speaker or 600 or above on TOEFL

3-5 years experience in ESL teaching

Preferred Qualification: TESOL, CELTA, DELTA

Recent ESL teaching experience, training, and professional development

for immediate consideration

Send resume with degrees, teaching experience and 3 professional references to:

phone:  967 1 448 039 

or 445 482/3/4

Sana’a, near Baghdad Street


I’m not really sure how to spell this in Arabic so my transliteration could be off.

Dubaabs are mini vans which I guess would be the equivalent (or closest thing to) a bus service.

The route is marked on the back of the van in green and white. (and the front too I think)


You can board a dubaab anywhere, there are no designated stops (to my knowledge). Just flag one down.


The vans drive around with their right siding doors open.


The fare is typically about 20-40 riyals (~ 10 – 20 cents).



Be ware of pick pockets on these as I have heard a few stories of people getting their money stolen.


Site Maintenance on TJ Yemen

I’m doing a little clean up at TJ Yemen, trying to make things more concise (insha Allah) and for those on email subscription, you may get inundated with many daily posts for the next week or so (or how ever long it may take). I am working on converting the pages to posts so that information is in one location instead of split up between pages and posts.

I truly apologize for any inconvenience.