Dining Out

There’s no Mc Donald’s here in Sana’a, as of this writing, but there are plenty of places to dine in/take out.

Many restaurants have a family section. Otherwise, you don’t really see too many women eating out in restaurants, except maybe the foreign restaurants.

Here is a brief description/summary of some of the ones I am familiar with, though I am sure there are thousands of restaurants here.

Kentucky Fried Chicken
This is located in the complex at Hadeeqah Sabi’een. I think they offer drive thru service, or at least did, not sure if they do now.
Make sure you specify this one to the taxi driver as there is like a knock off restaurant called Kentki Chicken and its nothing like this. We almost ended up at this one one time.

Pizza Hut
Also located in the complex at Hadeeqah Sabi’een. It offers dine in, take out, and home delivery.

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream
There are three that I have seen: one in the Hadeeqah Sabi’een area, in between Kentucky and Pizza Hut, one on Haddah, south of Sitteen, and one in Markaz Libby.

These are the only American ones that I am familiar with.

Traditional Yemeni Restaurants 

In addition there are the traditional Yemeni restaurants which serve chicken, rice, beans, etc.
Some of these also serve hamburgers and pizza, such as Green Land (a very big restaurant on Shariah Haddah), Mata’am Nawras (also on Shariah Haddah), Arabic Crown (Taaj Al Arabi) on Shariah Taiz and the list goes on. There are two Karmuche Pizza locations and these taste a little more like American Pizza than some of the other restaurants. (One is on Haddah, and the other on Shariah Arbi’een in Madinatul Asbahi).

Ethnic Restaurants 

There are also plenty of ethnic restaurants, such as Ethiopian, Greek, Indian, and Chinese. You will find these more in areas where foreigners frequent such as the Haddah area.

Around Ramadan time, I saw in the newspaper, an advertisement for a Ramadan Iftar Buffet (can’t remember the restaurant, but it was about 2000 riyals/$10 dollars). I am sure many restaurants probably offer something similar.


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