What are prices like in Yemen?

Insha Allah, I’ll try beefing up this page to include more items……..

These are prices for Sana’a, but I would guess that they are probably in the same ball park for other Yemen locales, Allahu ilm. 



In Sana’a, your bill might range from 1500 (or less) – 5000 riyals per month, but 5,000 is on the high side, the average for say a refrigerator, computer (running all day) might be around 3,000 riyals.

Not sure of what the prices are in Damaaj. We never had electricity until we bought a generator and then the cost of that was for the gas to run it.

Bills come monthly.


In Sana’a, you can find decent apartments, 3 bedooms, 2 bathrooms, for around $150-$200 (and up to $1200), for a new place.

In Damaaj, we rented a two bedroom, two bath mud house for I think $400 – $600 for the year, can’t exactly remember (this was in 2004).

I am not sure what the cost to buy a house is in Damaaj, I think I posted on here in the past, that  a house in Damaaj was being sold for $4,000.   



Dial up and DSL is available.  For always on service, we were told the price ws around 26,000/month. Dial up, of course, if dependent upon your usage, but we were averaging around $50.00/month.



For Sana’a, the cost to get a phone line ranges from 12,000 – 20+k and I remember when we were in Damaaj, we were told the cost would be $100. We never got one while we were there, and at the time, we were told there would be a three week wait or so if I remember correctly. 

We have been told that you can get a line put in for around 12,000 riyals, but we have always paid around 20k. (12,000 ~ $60.00). Depending upon who you are dealing with will determine how quickly you can get it put in.

I think the bills come monthly. We just used to run to the bill place and pay it and  never got a bill.

For details on mobile phones, please see my https://tjyemen.wordpress.com/about/mobile-networks/ page.  You can purchse mobile phones here readily from like 30 dollars to 300+.



I recently read that the price of milk in the United States was at a record high. Its been about five years since I have been in the states and in that period of time, I have actually forgotten what some things cost.

I thought someone perhaps might be interested in knowing how prices were here so I put together a short list as examples:

Rent: $100-$150 dollars can get you a reasonable 3 bedroom apartment with two bathrooms in many cases, a brand new apartment.

Electric: Of course varies depending upon usage but around 5-15 dollars per month (of course that is without air conditioning, most people do not have any type of air conditioner).

Water: 10-20 dollars a month, again depending upon usage

Groceries: A few items….Now of course it depends where you shop. The more modern stores, like City Mart, tend to be cheaper than the small neighborhood stores although a few of the western stores are kind of expensive.

1 liter of milk (haleeb) ~ 230 riyals ~ $1.10

1 lb of potatoes (though the usual measure is in kilos) ~ 50 riyals ~ 25 cents/lb

3 small medium onions ~ 20 riyals ~10 cents

1 loaf of bread. This is becoming more common, when I first moved here, I could barely find it and the loaves I found were pretty sad, but since then I have found some pretty good loaves. ~90 riyals ~ 50 cents

6 small apples ~ 350 riyals ~ $1.75

1 kilo ground beef ~ 2.2lbs ~ 1000 riyals ~ $5. It’s pretty fatty and could come from buffalo.

10 cheese slices (similar to Kraft) ~ 170 riyals ~ 90 cents. Kraft singles are about twice as much.

Doritos. The authentic ones from the states will cost you like 1000 riyals ~ 5 dollars. However if you get the Doritos brand that are made say in the Emirates, you will pay about 280 riyals, about $1.50.

If you are curious to know what other items cost, just drop me a line: Talibiddeen Jr.


2 Responses

  1. All these prices are out dated, since there was a fuel increase all the prices are doubled or even more. For example you can never find a apartment for 100 – 150 USD. All the apartments not the best but the medium one begin with 400 USD. And the vegetable prices increased, 1lb potatoes is now 320 YER. please re-check and update the information.

    • Yes, I am sure you are correct as this was posted several years ago. However, I am no longer in Yemen as I state on the home page and thus do not update the blog anymore. If time permits, I will try to draw attention on this post to the fact that this info is outdated. Thanks for the comment and examples of current prices for anyone who lands on this post.

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