Cornmeal in Yemen?

Yes, they’ve got that. I think I may have written about it before here, not sure. But alhamdulillah, I finally found some.

 A good friend, when moving, had given me some of her cornmeal that she had gotten from Huda market. But of course, when I went to look for it, I couldn’t find it.

A sister told me that some could be found at City Mart and that it was called “sameed.” But of course……….. I couldn’t find it.

But alhamdulilah, we finally found it!

Not at the grocery store, but at a little grinding place on our street.  My man on the town (my oldest son) had some ground up just down our street at the places where they grind up flour. 

Corndogs, cornbread, corn whatever…yippee!!

(Just make sure that they don’t ground it too fine or you’ll get corn flour (looks like flour) ….or get corn flour (the stuff we call corn starch, but on boxes here you’ll see ‘corn flour.’   😉