Eid Goodies…try a baqalah

I generally shop at the bigger stores for my main grocery shopping and go to the smaller stores for day to day things.

Now that Eid is near, you don’t want to be anywhere near the larger stores, trust me.

I sent my boys out this morning to find some snacks for Eid as I hadn’t gotten them when we did our big grocery shopping this week and they came back with an “Eid pack.”  They got 2 bottles of soda, 2 cans of pringles, 2 packages of assorted cookies, 2 bags of candy, a toy and a few other things like a small pack of candy and chips.  Saved me the time of having to go tell them what to look for, masha Allah.

From time to time, especially around the “holidays” but at other times too, don’t count the neighborhood stores out because sometimes you can find better deals there and no long lines, masha Allah. 


May you have a great Eid insha Allah and if you are fasting today (Yawmul Arafat) may He accept your fast.