Scorpions in Yemen

In my Living in Damaaj post, I had talked a little about scorpions.

I was asked a question about what to do regarding scorpions getting in the ears while sleeping.

Alhamdulillah, we didn’t have this problem (though trust me, we spend many nights wondering whether we would be attacked in our sleep).

I didn’t really speak to anyone there about scorpions other than our landlords. One thing they said was that scorpions love fig trees, so when they had cut them down, that is when we saw more of them around the house.  I think I mentioned in all, we saw about 11, (yes, I counted them).

I am not sure if I mentioned in the Damaaj post, but the bites of the black ones can be dangerous/fatal. Of course you wouldn’t want to be bit by either (the brown or the black), but again, its the black ones you have to worry about as I have heard.

A sister was bitten by a black one in Damaaj while we were there and garlic was applied to the bite by a Yemeni sister and alhamdulillah, the sister was ok. I did this for the brown scorpion bite my stepson had, but if you don’t know what you are doing and get stung by a black one, I recommend getting help as again, their bites can be fatal.

But alhamdulillah, we just had the one case of a bite and it was from a baby one.

I have seen only one scorpion in Sana’a, and that one was dead in a drain when we moved to a new house in an area that didn’t have paved roads.