Homeschooling Supplies: Wall Posters

Ok, well they moved the books at Jeel Al Jadeed (that I mentioned in a previous post) , so if you are looking for them, they could be in the “basement.” I doubt that they are completely gone, Allahu ilm.

But in their place on the first floor (or ground floor) were dozens and dozens of educational wall posters (with images, but of course you can remedy that, insha Allah).

They are a really thin plastic, but at 50 riyals (25 CENTS!!!!) you can’t pass that up if you are homeschooling. They have Arabic alphabet charts, but the bulk of the stuff is in English, alphabet, hundred charts, vocabulary charts, addition, multiplication charts, I mean lots….. You could probably cover a small room wall to wall with them as many as they had, ok maybe not that much, but you get the picture….. 


(we’re talking  the location on the diary close to jamiah qadeem (old Sana’a University). 


So if you are coming to Yemen and worrying about homeschooling, do bring textbooks and such but don’t panic too much, insha Allah, you can find lots of supplies at places like Jeel Al Jadeed and there are other bookstores here.  It will take creativity, but I think between what is here and of course the INTERNET, and of course, by Allah, homeschooling is do-able here.