The Mirhad (Arabic Toilet)


I know that many hear of the Arabic toilet (I guess they use them in other parts of Asia and Africa as well) but may not know exactly what it looks like. I know it was hard for me to envision this foreign object before coming to this part of the world, so I found a few pics on the net to help erase the mystery for others:

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Some mirhads, like this one, flush. Others do not. So you need to flush with like a bucket of water.  They can get really smelly if you don’t flush, so its a must. 

This is an average one like the ones that I have seen, but in older buildings they can look really nasty or just be not too much more than a hole in the floor. Fortunately, all the ones that have been in the houses we have lived in have been pretty decent and clean up pretty easily.


This is typically how a bathroom will look in Yemen (below), with a mirhad and a toilet. Sometimes there will be just a mirhad and sometimes just a toilet.

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