Real Estate Investments in Aden

I’ve seen an adverstisement on a board (subhanAllah, I actually forgot for a second they were called billboards, you forgot the simplest stuff sometimes being away from the states). And besides the billboard, I came across an ad in a local English magazine.

If I get a chance, I’ll scan the ad, the renderings  are wonderful.


This is for The Green City in Aden, t he largest property project in Yemen as it was billed.

You can purchase villas or land (residential or business use)  in the Green City in payment installments of 7 years through the IBY bank. 

The infrastructure: “complete” —-electricity, water, telephone lines, wide streets, green landscape.

Available services in the city: Kindergartens and primary/secondary schools, masajid, clinics, public parks, commercial centers.


14th of October Street in Sana’a 424321\2

Aden # 967 2 355111\2\3\4


By Al Hamdani Co. for Trading and Real Estate Iinvestment


P.S. I have no idea what the price range is, so don’t ask me (smile).