Goodbye Yemen!

As of July 28, 2009,we are no longer in Yemen!  Its bittersweet for us as we will miss our home of almost six years, but happy that our whole family is finally back together after 4 years, masha Allah.

So obviously I won’t be providing “real time” updates as one visitor put it.  🙂

Insha Allah, I’ll be around on the blog for the next few months as I didn’t get the chance to finish reorganizing it. So if you still have general questions, I may be able to answer them. If you’ve written or commented recently, insha Allah, I will try to respond soon.

I hope that it (the blog) has been beneficial and will continue to be beneficial for some time.

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  1. Asalaama Alaikum Sr TJ. Mashallah it was a pleasure following your stay in Yemen. LIke you I am a Canadian and very interested to head off to Yemen to teach myself and family the deen of Allah s.w.t
    Please make dua for me for Allah s.w.t. to answer my prayers!

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