Job Listings: Teaching Positions

The Raimaan School is looking for primary and Middle school teachers in all subjects.

Send CV/resume to  before July 10.


If you are looking for a school for your kids, Raimaan School offers teaching in English/Arabic and transportation is available.

They are currently open for admissions for the 2009-2010 school year.


Phone: 442 0258  or 442 057 or mobile: 714243616


This is in Sana’a .


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  1. Salaam Alaikum

    I am studying engineering right now, but i plan to go to yemen before completing it. I live in N. America. Can you give me an idea of what jobs might be available to someone like me, since I don’t have any professional degree? I was told that one can get teaching jobs in schools or home tuitions. what are the general requirements for jobs like these?

    Please give me any suggestion u think important. for example if i should get some sort of training or certification that might help me get jobs in Yemen.


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