Price of ……. Milk in Yemen

I’m starting a new feature of the prices and descriptions of a variety of things in Yemen…….(well, there’s  another spot on the blog that mentions some, but this will provide a little more detail) and I hope to provide all types of items, not just food………………………. 


Milk typically comes in sizes of 1L, but I’ve seen it in packages the size of juice boxes in bottles up to 1.5 L.



 Most milk comes in “tetra pak” rectangular prism shaped cartons, although I have seen it before in an opaque plastic bottle (Beyti brand).

Fresh vs. From Powdered

Be sure to read the labels. A lot of the cheaper milk is made from milk powder and to me, it doesn’t taste as good as that made from fresh milk (but my kids like it) and I don’t think its as healthy. Al Mari’ee and Safa are some brands made from fresh milk, whereas brands such as Yemaani and Hanaa are made from powdered milk.

Fat Content

 You can buy whole milk, low fat, and skimmed milk here.

Low fat may be referred to as “qaleel ul dusm,”  whole milk as “kaamil ul dusm”

Many containers will have English written on one side and the other.


Major Brands

 The major brands that I have seen include: al Mari’ee, Safa, Juhayna, Hanaa, Yemaani, Beyti. Price Fresh milk brands like Al Mari’ee and Safa, run about 250-280 per liter. The cheaper brands are around 200-220 per liter. (currently ~200 riyals = $1.00) 3.78 L = 1 Gallon (US) and 4.5 L = 1Gallon (UK)

Dry Milk is also very popular here. You can buy it in canisters or small foil bags. Some brands are Nido and Anchor, but there are many brands sold here. I think its used more here than in the states.

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