Cargo/Shipping – YemPac

I’ve never dealt with them, just passing the information on in case you need  goods, including household, shipped:

from the site:

  • Totally free estimation of Personal & Households Goods.
  • Packing all types of Goods & Merchandise.
  • Forwarding goods by Air, Sea 7 Land.
  • Representing the most reliable & efficient Airlines, Shipping lines , operating from/to the Rep.Of Yemen.
  • Preparing all necessary documentation needed & related to the different kinds of goods.
  • Domestic & International trucking & transportation.
  • Storage & warehousing for short or long periods.
  • Customs clearance & documentation in all Yemen gateways & same Internationally.
  • Door to door services in Yemen or any other part in the globe.
  • Insurance of all types of goods.


    Investment services – YEMPAC

    Yempac offers the following services to those wanting to invest in Yemen:

    • Identification of investment opportunities to investors
    • Represent investors with the concerned authorities to procure investment project establishment licences and provision of the necessary land for projects
    • On behalf of the investor we follow up registration decrees of the investment companies
    • Preparation of feasibility studies and consultancies for investment project, and evaluation of their performance

    Renting a Car in Yemen

    Update to previous post……………………….


    I don’t have experience renting cars here, but I came across the following car rental places:

    Europcar Yemen.

    The site lists the types of cars available and a thorough breakdown of their rates:

    1. Diary: 60th Diary South tel: 448950

    2. Airport office: 346666

    3. Sam City Hotel Al Qiyadah Street 270751


    Budget Rent A Car


    Sheraton Branch: 309618

    Haddah Branch 411727

    24 hour hotline: 733 652 317



    Sharia Sitteen (60th Street), Phone: 440309

    Movenpick (hotel) 546 061

    Aden  967 2 245 625 




    Possible Employers: Deloitte Yemen

    Again, I haven’t heard of specific openings here, but am providing the information as a possible resource to contact for employment. …………..


    “The Deloitte practice in Yemen, operating under the name of Deloitte Touche (M.E.) and Partner, was re-established in 2001.

    Deloitte is the leading public accounting and consulting firm in the country and has the experience required to look after businesses large and not-so-large.

    We recognize that the special needs of small businesses are very different from those of multinational corporations and we have the experience and the understanding to meet the needs of both. With the strength of our international organization behind us, we offer small and large companies the best of both worlds. Our personal attention and specialized knowledge are combined with the global resources and expertise of a major international firm.”,1045,sid%253D49321,00.html



    Deloitte Yemen Phone:  009671