Homeschooling in Yemen: Science

Ok, so homeschooling in Yemen may require a bit more creativity than say in the states, but its do-able.

 I have found that the longer I have been here, I have found more and more supplies and helpful things for homeschooling………………..


Science Supplies.


I picked up this cute little set from City Mart.  It was around 14 bucks, but as we haven’t really done too much in the way of science, I wanted to get the kids something to be excited about. (I’m a cheapy). And it really works………. its a bug kit, but I bought it for the microscopes……………..


At Happy Land, I noticed a chemical set, I guess solutions for reactions and what not.  It had a lot of vials. I was too cheapy to get it, can’t remember the price, but I may invest in it.


A younger brother (Yemeni) told my son that they got dirt from a nearby park. But you have to be careful here as sometimes the locals don’t “get” the things that we do and can be really particular and un understanding, so I’m not sure if we’ll venture on to this. But I have seen some nurseries on Sharia 45 (the street Pizza Hut and KFC are on, but down in the other direction more towards Taiz. You could probably pick up some plants there.

So these are just a few things that I have come across while homeschooling here……………

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