Printer Cartridge Refills

You can find different printer manufacturers here, but the one I see the most is HP.

A fax/color printer/scanner, Office Jet runs for around (100-120 USD, can’t remember the exact price).


You’ll probably want to visit Sharia Moqadishu (aka Sharia Computer aka Sharia Sakhr) for your computer needs as its Computer Street.

I’ve had good experience with Basha Computer and Al Falak. You can get HP refills at both of these places…..

Speaking of refills, if you are homeschooling, and you don’t have a PO box to get books, etc shipped to you, you might rely heavily on the net like I do….so you might be printing out a lot of stuff….

I’ve recently entered the world of refilling cartridges. At first, I used to get them filled at our favorite CD store, Scream Center, on the Diary. But they seemed to have stopped doing it or were out of ink or something or another, so we purchased a refill kit at Al Falak on Sharia Computer.

The kits, black or color, run for about 1200 riyals (6 bucks) and I have gotten about 4 refills per kit.  Great because one new cartridge will run you about 3500. So its a tremendous savings. Its pretty easy to refill though at first I thought it was going to be difficult.

Here’s the kit I get: