Temperature in Yemen


It gets cold at night and in the early morning. Then by like 9 am (or sometimes before), it is HOT and stays that way until maybe shortly before Asr.


“The climate of Yemen is considered to be mostly desert. The hot and humid west coast contrasts the temperate regions in the western mountains which are affected by seasonal monsoons. There is an extraordinarily hot, dry, and harsh desert in the east.” (Weather.about.com)




On the southern coast rainfall is low throughout the year, and most of the coastal plain is desert. Temperatures and humidity are high throughout the year and the period from June to September is the most uncomfortable time, when midday temperatures regularly rise to near 38°C/100°F with a high humidity. Daily sea breezes help to mitigate the heat on the coast. Inland in the hills both temperatures and humidity are a little lower. Here, rainfall is a little more and mostly falls between May and September. In the lowland along the Red Sea coast the weather is hot and humid for most of the year and similar to that on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia. In this lowland the rainfall is rather low, averaging about 100mm/4 in a year, and may occur in both winter and summer. (BBC Country Guide)


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