Flash Flooding

The rainy season is here and yesterday we had some flash flooding. Flash flooding is very common in Yemen:

 My boys go out and run a lot of errands for me, so it is possible that they could get stuck out in one (like yesterday). Typically our rules are not to go out after asr/maghrib unless its urgent. I sent them out for some medicine yesterday, it had been raining but had calmed down. After they had left the rains picked up.  Alhamdulillah, they now have cell phones so I could get in touch with them. 

Our number one rule: Stay where you are (if you are at a store).

Our number two rule is: always wear tennis shoes and a coat after asr, even if its bright and sunny.  If its going to rain, its usually after asr, though this week, the rain has come in as early as around fajr maybe or at least 8. Today it got really cloudy around 10/11 and we have seen some rain today.

I thought that my youngest did not have a coat (but alhamdulillah he did). Anyway, thinking that my youngest didn’t have a coat and I knew they were down the street, I left the house thinking to go get them. ( I don’t advocate this, the stay where you are rule is the best, insha Allah, a little nerve wrecking for me, but better since we have the phones).  When I left, I could barely cross the street, you couldn’t even see one half of the street and I got totally soaked. Alhamdulillah, I found them and we walked home. We passed one street which you could not see the street at all, it was maybe shin deep and my youngest son (ignoring the tennis shoe rule after asr or when its raining) had some flip flops on and one fell off and started making its way a short distance down the street. It had not gone far so he went to get it but had it gone a little bit more, I would have said forget it.

So we made it home, albeit super drenched.

In a flash flood situation, its really best not to go out and just have whoever is out wait it out (some place safe)  and Allah knows best.

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