Sana’a International Airport

The Sana’a International Airport is located about 15 km from downtown.

The airport code is SAH.


When coming into Sana’a, you can expect a “from the airport” taxi ride fee of maybe 2000 riyals (10 dollars). This was the cost for about a 20km trip from the airport.  But, keep in mind, that prices can vary.

If possible, go with a taxi company taxi to get a fair price, insha Allah.

See Taxis under “Traveling –Inside Yemen–Taxi Companies” Tag for information about a few taxi companies.


Sana’a Airport Fact Sheet – commercial site but has some tidbits about some airlines and their popular flights; where they fly to from Sana’a and the frequency of flights.


Airlines Serving Sana’a International, Sanaa



Personal Notes:


Lufthansa has an office on Shariah Zubairy

Royal Jordanian (Haddah Street, next door to DHL); they open at 10 am.


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