Going by Taxi

Taxis are identified by their either all mustard yellow color or they are white with yellow.

They may have a taxi sign atop, but all taxis can be identified by their mustard yellow license plates that say “ajarah” (as in for rent/hire).


Most taxis are not metered so you will most likely haggle over price.

Although there are a lot of old taxis on the road, more and more newer ones are appearing. Some older taxis look as if they might break down any second.


If possible, try to get a taxi driver that is not chewing qat (sometimes hard to do) as sometimes it seriously affects their thinking and attitude and can make for an unpleasant ride.


Also, ask how much the trip will be before getting in the taxi (for non metered taxis), but beware that some will try to increase the price once you reach your destination.

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