By Car; Women Drivers

I don’t really know how much foreigners go by car, I think they generally take a taxi or dubaab.

Rules of the Road

is as it is in the US (driving on the right side), but that’s about one of the few similarities. You will see speed limits posted occasionally on the freeways.  Many drivers have no qualms about driving down a street the wrong way.

You’ll see traffic cops about at intersections, many times there will be a little post in the center of bigger roads where they are stationed at.

Guide to  License Plate Colors:

Bright Yellow – taxis

Blue – Private owners

Red – Military

Green – Government

Purchasing Cars

 I don’t know anything about purchasing cars, but there are many new car dealers.

Renting Cars

You can rent cars here, I don’t have any information as of this writing on costs/requirements.

Can Women Drive?

Yup. (Well, I am assuming so since I see them).  I see more and more women drivers (personal cars) whenever I go out, but the majority of drivers are still men. You won’t find a woman taxi driver………………………….

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