The Price of……gasoline

Our taxi driver the other day stopped for gas and I took note of the prices…


60 riyals per liter, which comes out to $1.13 per gallon………..


Also, my son reminded me the other day that when we first got here (5 years ago), cooking tanks could be found  (refills) for 200 riyals ($1 ), now, the ones we find are typically 700-800 riyals and once or twice we’ve had to pay 1000.  We’ve been quoted prices as low as 450 but never actually got around to paying that. 

I’m picking my son’s brain (and mine) to remember some more prices back in the day (5 years ago) and will post what we come up with, insha Allah………….


And if you are coming to Yemen, be sure to get 2 or 3 tanks. They experience shortages frequently and it can be so frustrated to look for tanks. We’ve had to go days without one before.  Be prepared by getting 2 or even 3 tanks to start off with and exhange and as soon as one is empty, get it exchanged quickly! 

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