Keeping your doors locked….

Of course that’s good advice for anywhere, not just here, for safety reasons.

But I was just thinking about from another standpoint other than safety…

Several times, at different houses, the kids haven’t locked the door when they have come in and we’ve gotten ininvited visitors… people who just open up your door and peek in or start to walk in….from the lady begging for change, to the unruly kid, to a man that supposedly thought it was his house (????). 

If you hear a knock on your door and you are not sure if its locked or not, make a beeline quick before someone has the chance to check for you.

Alhamduillah, we’ve not had any serious incidents thus far, however we do suspect that one time someone may have taken something from the house one time based upon the circumstances, but Allah ilm.

So to be safe, insha Allah and to try to avoid being walked in on, lock your door…….

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  1. Asalamu alaikum wa ramatullah
    Yes this happened to me once… we had a family staying with us for a few weeks.You know the apartments there have a door to seperate another family or a group of sisters if needed.So they left one morning while I was asleep and I was awaken by a door slamming, I jump up to see whats going on and there’s a woman in my home sitting on the floor begging and all I could say was la la and point her to the door and she left. After that day I always lock doors insha’Allah…

    • wa alaykum us salaam,

      LOL. Its “funny” how people can think that its ok, to just barge into someone’s house. Guess its just cultural differences……………….Another thing that happens is that people will also look dead into your house if they are passing by in the halls. I just remind my kids about the hadith about poking someone in the eye for doing that (not that I tell them to do this, but just to show how we shouldn’t look into others people’s homes just because the door is open.) Some people have curtains up on the outside, which I think is a great idea. I have put curtains up in the inside if there was another room right where the door opened up to cut down on the “looky loos”

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