Deals on Milk at Shumaylah Hari

If you buy liter milk in the rectangular prism (I only know that term because I homeschool   🙂   tetra paks, Shumaylah Hari has had deals on it for quite sometime. I think because it expires like within a month it is reduced. I have been buying the reduced price milk for about the last two months and didn’t notice a change in quality.

Some time ago, it had Al Marai milk for only 90 riyals!  It is usually around 250-280 riyals per liter. That ship has sailed, but they have had other milk for about 150 riyals as well.

Storewide you will find deals so be sure to check them out if  you have the time.

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  1. Assalaamu Alaikum,

    I have a friend of mine is moving to San’a in about a month. She had a few questions, if you don’t mind giving some advice.

    Are there any wholesale stores/markets like Sam’s Club in San’a?

    Barak’Allah Feeki

    • wa alaykum us salaam,

      Na’am, if its not too late, she can submit the questions through the comment box, but I won’t publish them and will respond to them by email, insha Allah.

      Well, to my knowledge there are non like Sam’s Club per say, but all over the place there are little wholesale “joints.” You can find out by asking someone in your neighborhood I guess. I think I may have seen a sign or two for them, but can’t remember the word for wholesale right now. Also, just strolling down the street you will probably see them as they tend to be small places with piles, stacks, etc of stuff. You can also get good deals sometimes from the little local neighborhood stores if the owners know you and you buy in bulk

      If I find anything further on this, insha Allah I will post it here.

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