Another Yemen clothing store

We just recently shopped at the Al Azani stores for the first time in Yemen, well one of the three that are in Sana’a. There are 3 in Aden as well. There is a large one on Sharia Haddah (south of Sharia Sitteen). It is really large. We just saw two stories, but on the bag it says five stories.

The clothes are about the same quality as City Max I guess and the prices are comparable. The width of the store is not as large as City Max, but the “atmosphere” is more pleasant I thought.  They may have things other than clothes, but that’s all we discovered; there are at least two floors of clothes.

If you are heading south on Sharia Haddah and cross Sharia Sitteen, the store will be on the left, its pretty hard to miss as its rather large…..


Phone: 429000


For a listing of a few more stores in Sana’a, see:

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