Damaaj description

We homeschool here and one of my daughter’s recent writing assignments was to write a description of a place we had lived in. She chose to write about Damaaj, so I thought I would share it here…………..



Damajj is a small village in Sa’dah, Yemen. Damajj, which is surrounded by mountains, is very pretty. The village of Damajj is not fully developed. Most streets are not paved.   While you may be used to houses made of brick, in Damajj, houses are built out of mud and straw, as are the gates, which surround the houses.

Throughout the day, it is very quiet.  Children playing during the day, and at night the sound of crickets, were really the only sounds.

Many scorpions live there. The sting of scorpion can be dangerous, especially black ones. In order to heal these stings you can cut the back off (the stinger) and put it on the cut.

For most of the time, we did not have electricity, which meant we had to go to bed early. After a few months, we bought a generator and shared it with our friendly owners.

To have clean drinking, my brothers went to a water pump and filled dibuhs (jugs). They took many trips in one day.

Fasting during Ramadhan in Damajj was fun; from waking up before dawn to breaking my fast at Maghrib with crunchy samosas (deep fried pastries filled with vegetables and/or meat).

During our stay, we heard fighting from a local war that raged on behind the mountains in another part of Sa’dah. We lived very close to the mountains. One night we counted forty bombs that went off. Allhamdulilah nothing ever happened to us.

Although Damajj was really far out, I really liked it there.

December 29, 2008                                        

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