Apartments in Sanaa

There is a housing unit in Sana’a, run by, I believe, a British brother. 

You can find out details about the units here:

They are conveniently located in the Sharia Haddah area. I don’t have any personal experience dealing with them, but you might check them out. Sometimes it can be a real headache (trust me) dealing with local landlords. 

 (The site is really nice looking, masha Allah).


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  1. This was actually the first person I contacted to get info about Yemen.
    He has been very helpful, and directed me to a school he used to work at.

    I have not had any luck finding any other apartments however.
    I wonder if the space is large enough.
    I have my hubby and I, and three children.
    Boy 14, Boy 9, and girl 8.
    She needs her own room, and I would prefer my oldest his own space too.
    But I think the boys will have to continue to share.

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