Moving to Yemen: A Mini Guide: 2: Learn Conversational Arabic

If you don’t know Arabic, or know very little, begin learning CONVERSATIONAL Arabic right now as you will need this to take care of your daily business.  The fus-hah you learned in textbooks may not be used on the streets………

You can see my Tips for Learning Spoken Arabic post for my personal observations of what’s needed to learn/pick up conversational Arabic.

I found several conversational aids (books, tapes) at my local libraries when we were in the states.


You’ll also want to look for Yemeni Arabic resources as well as Arabic varies from country to country and between regions within the same country; what is said in Egypt, may be said a different way than in Yemen and what is said in Sana’a, may be different from what is said down south in Aden.

If you have the opportunity to talk with a native Arabic speaker, by all means, get your practice in before coming.

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