Chicken Pox

Alhamdulillah, we just got over 4 cases of chicken pox in our household. 

In case you need to know what chicken pox is in Arabic: judayri or judari.


Alhamdulillah, we didn’t need to go to the doctor. We just used calamine lotion (the brand I have seen here is called “Calamyl.”  The pharmacist on the corner knew about oatmeal bath and was trying to get us some, but we never got it.  Towards the end, I ground up some oatmeal, trying to make it colloidal, but never got around to using it.  I also gave a few of them a green tea bath, which they loved. (I read about this online). Not sure if it really worked, but t hey loved it because they normally take showers, so to soak in the water was fun for them.  I just used tea bags and had quite a mess to clean up.

One pharmacy, a really nice big one, upon my telling them my kids had chicken pox, told me that it was better for me to go to the doctor. Well, having had two other children years ago have chicken pox, I knew that normally, by Allah, they aren’t serious, though they can be for some individuals. I kept asking for a treatment and they refused to get me anything, just kept saying “it’s better to go to the doctor.”  Frustrated, I just walked out and went elsewhere. Not that that wasn’t good advice, but I felt at the time, unnecessary. Plus, doctors offices have sick children. I did not want to expose my kids to possibly something worse just to cure something that normally isn’t serious.

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