Ramadan store hours

As Ramadan approaches, here are a few reminders:

Grocery Shopping

If you shop at the major grocery stores or some of the larger ones, try to avoid going on the last day of Shaban. It can be a nightmare. I went to City Mart last year and it was packed, people were so rude, pushing, etc.

Shumaila Hari had their Ramadan hours posted on the door last year. Can’t remember the exact hours but they are different.

City Mart seemed to open up later in the morning during Ramadan.

DHL is usually open 24 hours but they have special Ramadan hours which were posted on the door last year.


Internet cafes tend to remain open as usual, except some may close to break the fast.


Western Union

Can’t remember what the Ramadan hours were like but during Eid some close for several days so take that into account.


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