Grocery Tips: Salad

Produce is generally cheap in Yemen, alhamdulillah and I typically find the produce that I was used to in the states, except maybe sweet potatoes. The kind I have seen here are really puny.


Anyway,  my son found out that you can go to these little on the street produce stores and get salad fixin’s easily.   You just ask for x number riyals of “salata (salad).  Instead of  having to pick the individual things, they get you a bag of stuff. We usually get 200-300 riyals of salata. Yesterday, for example for 200 riyals (1 dollar) we got: 2 onions, 5 carrots, 2 cucumbers, 2 tomatoes, a handful of chili peppers, 2 small bunches of lettuce, a 1 bunch of mint, 2 bunches parsley. Sometimes, we get a green pepper or two, maybe some cabbage.  So its really handy and great for when you want to make quick salad. 


They do sell salad dressing here, but I usually end up making a ranch type dressing with a carton of yogurt, one veggie Maggi cube, parsley, and dill if I have it, and a little pepper.. Mix it up in a blender, or by hand. If you let it sit in fridge a few hours before serving, its even better.


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  1. As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah
    Yaa Ukthi…. you then started something now!!!! Down here we have “khudra” same concept but it is to make soup. They put okra, carrots, tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, this herb (sorry don’t know what it is), pumpkin and squash/zucchini in a bag. You get quite a bit for 50YR but you can get a larger bag for 200YR or you can make your own mix BUT salad? Uhm…..

    Today, I am going to go and ask for salata and insha Allah it will soon catch on down here. I am also going to try that salad dressing, LOL. I have an italian salad dressing that I make but I like ranch as well.

    Barak Allahu Feeki

  2. wa alaykum us salaam,

    lol. Yeah it comes in handy. Will have to try the khudra up this way, inshaAllah and see. That’s cool when you don’t have to sit there and pick the things out separately. And my vegetables wilt so quickly so I have to buy them day by day. Some veggies will stay a little longer but my carrots have to generally be used the same day.

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