Need a maid?

I have never personally hired a maid, but came across this page which has a tidbit of information, including price range for hiring a maid in Yemen……


The price range at the above site says about $250-$300 but I’m thinking that you can hire one for much less;  a worker at Pizza Hut said she makes $50/month.


Yemen Medical Guide (Sana’a)

Just stumbled upon this info from the US Embassy. Not sure how current the info is.

Listing of medical related contacts in Sana’a

Internal Medicine Specialists

• Dr. Abbas al-Mutwakel
Address:Taiz Road
Cellular: 717-47-963

• Dr. Abdul Nasser Munibari (Cardiologist)
Address: Zubeiry St., Near Yemenia Office
Telephone: 01-266-165


• Dr. al-Iryani
Telephone: 01-442-478, 465-304
Cellular: 73631259


• Dr. Salem Banageh
Address: Zubeiry Street, Beside Saba-phone Company.
Telephone: 01-208-885/6, 208- 886

• Dr. Mohamed al-Shehari
Address: Azal Hospital
Telephone: 01-200-000 or 211-220/21

• Dr. Abdulrahman Ishak
Address: Hadda Road, Near British Embassy
Telephone:01- 440-127 or 440-130

General Surgeons

• Dr. Ali al-Jamra
Address: Yemeni-German Hospital (Hadda Rd branching off 60- Meter Rd)
Telephone: 01-418-000
Cell Phone: 71717109

ENT( Ear, Nose and Throat)

• Dr. Mohamed al-Khateeb
Address: Near Bilquis Cinema in Tarhir
Telephone: 01-272-581


• Dr. Maged Amer
Address: Azal Hospital
Telephone: 01-200-000


• Dr. Ali Abdul Latif
Address: Azal Hospital
Telephone: 01-200-000

• Dr. Mohamed Mekhlafi
Address: Yemen-German Hospital
Telephone: 01-418-000, Ext 625
Cellular: 71900109


• Dr. Abdul Majeed Masood
Address: Intersection of Hadda Rd. & 60-Meter Road
Telephone: 01-414-741

• Dr. Ibrahim al-Gurafi
Address: Near Happy Land Toy Store
Telephone: 01-247-842/5


• Dr. Mahmoud Ismail
Address: Marib Insurance Bldg, Zubeiri St
Telelephone: 01- 402-309/ 310

• Dr. Mohamed Radman
Address: Zubeiri St., Above Islamic Bank
Telephone: 01-402-309, 202-855

Radiologists (X-ray)

• Dr. Abdulkarim Zabedi Clinic
Address: Taiz Rd., Above Al-Ghazali Pharmacy
Beeper 580-0807

Clinical Laboratories

• Dr. Mohamed Basahi (Lab)
Address: Hadda Rd., Near Emirate Airlines
Telephone: 01-263-605.

• Metropolitan Lab
Address: Near Al-Ghazali Pharmacy
Telephone: 01-615-753
Cell: 73776275


• Yemeni-German Hospital
Address: Hadda Rd., Near 60-Meter Rd
Telephone: 01-418-000 or 418-690/1

• Azal Specialized Hospital
Address: 60-Meter Rd., Close to Mathbah Vegetable Market
Telephone: 01-200-000/ 213-870

• Al-Moyad Hospital
Address: Airport Rd., Near Elevated Walkway
Telephone: 01-323-760

• Al-Thawra Hospital
Address: Al-Khoulan St., Near Bab Al Yemen
Telephone: 01-246-966/ 246-983

• Military Hospital
Address: Bab Shaoub Area
Telephone: 01-222-513/4


• Sharouk Pharmacy
Address: Hadda St., Near Moka Bakery
Telephone: 01-242-359

• Azal Pharmacy
Address: In Azal Hospital
Telephone: 01-275-559

• Al-Ghazali Pharmacy
Address: Taiz Rd., Across From Orphan School

• Al-Mamoon Pharmacy
Address: Taiz St., Near Bab al-Yemen
Telephone: 01-244-974


• Yemeni-German Hospital

• Azal Specialized Hospital

Source: Embassy of the United States in Yemen

Why is it hard to go to Damaaj?

Markaz al Madinah institute has a page that briefly explains the issue……

Grocery Tips: Salad

Produce is generally cheap in Yemen, alhamdulillah and I typically find the produce that I was used to in the states, except maybe sweet potatoes. The kind I have seen here are really puny.


Anyway,  my son found out that you can go to these little on the street produce stores and get salad fixin’s easily.   You just ask for x number riyals of “salata (salad).  Instead of  having to pick the individual things, they get you a bag of stuff. We usually get 200-300 riyals of salata. Yesterday, for example for 200 riyals (1 dollar) we got: 2 onions, 5 carrots, 2 cucumbers, 2 tomatoes, a handful of chili peppers, 2 small bunches of lettuce, a 1 bunch of mint, 2 bunches parsley. Sometimes, we get a green pepper or two, maybe some cabbage.  So its really handy and great for when you want to make quick salad. 


They do sell salad dressing here, but I usually end up making a ranch type dressing with a carton of yogurt, one veggie Maggi cube, parsley, and dill if I have it, and a little pepper.. Mix it up in a blender, or by hand. If you let it sit in fridge a few hours before serving, its even better.